The favor of the Lord by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Scripture Reference: Psalm 90:17

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!”


A friend of mine once told me that when he flies from Houston to Los Angeles, it takes thirty minutes longer to get there than it does when he flies back. This is because, when he is flying from Houston to Los Angeles, the jet stream flies from west to east, against the winds, slowing the entire craft down. The jet has to work harder, use more fuel, and expend more energy. However, when traveling back, it is the total opposite. You can say, the jet stream flies in his favor. It uses less energy and saves more time.

The same principles apply in life. When the favor of God is upon your life, you don’t have to fight hard to breakthrough. You reach destinies faster than your colleagues- you attain rewards without toiling. Favor makes things easy and multiplies the fruits of your labor.

Action Point:

I need you to know that one touch of Gods favor can catapult you further than you ever imagined. Even if you are not where you thought you would be and life is not moving the way you wish it could move. Don’t worry. God knows how to make up for lost time. He knows how to accelerate things. Whilst in the pit, Joseph never could have imagined that he would be prime minister- but the favor of the Lord secured his destiny. Whilst In the bush, David could never have imagined that he would, one day, be crowned warrior and king, but the favor of the Lord overtook him.

Receive your favor!

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