The Biography Of Prophetess Mary Bushiri [Age, Life Profile & History]

The Biography Of Prophetess Mary Bushiri [Age, Life Profile & History]

Prophetess Mary Bushiri is the wife of prophet Shepherd Bushiri and together with her husband are both influential leaders who serve with excellence and integrity.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is happily married to Mary Bushiri who previously answered to the name Mary Zgambo before the young billionaire prophet claimed her heart to make her a “Mrs Bushiri” in a colourful ceremony at Mzuzu Stadium in 2011.

Throughout their years of marriage, Prophetess Mary Bushiri has diligently served alongside her husband Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) and president of Shepherd Bushiri Ministries international in Africa, which serves nearly 60,000 members.

Enlightened Christian Gathering, Pretoria in South Africa which hosts over 35,000 worshipers each week.

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Bingu, JB gives Prophet Bushiri wedding gifts

President Bingu wa Mutharika donated a fridge to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, of the fastest growing charismatic ministry, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) who wedded his sweetheart Mary Zgambo at the Mzuzu stadium on Saturday.

While Vice President Joyce Banda sent a representative with MK20,000 cash.

Hundreds of people from all over the country attended the wedding that started in the morning and ended later in the evening.

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Major One Surprises His Wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri With Benz G Class On Her Birthday

To show his appreciation love and care Prophet Shepherd Bushiri aka Major One surprised his beloved wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri on her birthday today with a present of one of the most expensive cars a brand new Benz G class wagon.
Major One is a true father and a husband to his wife and he said words alone can not explain how much I love you, how important you are to me and he went to Benz company in South Africa to buy one of the best products of Benz on the planet for his wife.
Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Major One continued to say to his wife, “I appreciate you and cherish you for your love and support. You believed in me when I was nobody now its your time to enjoy on your birthday. On behalf of ECG church, Shepherd Bushiri Investments RSA, Dubai, USA and UK, I would like to say, happy birthday”.

Happy birthday Mama Mary Bushiri

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Official Biography Of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

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