Swazi – My testimony
2014… my life was in shambles and tatters… I was pretending so those around me would not know what I was going through… I would look the part act the part in front of cameras but when I get home I would be depressed. I had a new Baby I could hardly take care of but even my closest friends would never know cos I was and still am a very proud person who never tell you anything except my sister @mapsnx and maybe sometimes my dear friend @brendamtambo I remember saying one day, cos I stopped praying thinking God is too busy for me anyway I said “ God if you are Real and if you hear me and if you care at all about me, I need you to stop my suffering” 2015 February I accompanied my mom to a church called ECG in Pretoria she said the man of God there was celebrating his birthday and we went the following weekend I hate crowded places 🤣 but of course God has dealt with since ECG gives a new definition to crowded. I went with my kids and my husband @tshepomngoma so I was made to sit in the children’s section with other moms, this is the worst kind of punishment you can give me in church 😭 my husband and my Mom sat in front and at this point, I was dying of envy. The ushers didn’t make my life easy as well but I won’t say anything we are all trained stewards now. All I remember is when the man of God @shepherdbushiri went in everyone knelt and I was like… and then? But I looked on the screen and saw that he himself was kneeling and he started praying acknowledging Gods presence in place and I remember these words “ I disappear, so that you may appear, be glorified in this place” when he said AMEN and said can I have the joy in this place… for the first time in many many years I heard God speak in my ear saying THIS IS YOUR SPIRITUAL FATHER. From that day on… God changed MY story and my life has never been the same again

 — with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri.

Swazi – My testimony

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