[Saturday, 15 December]

“Scripture of the Day:

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”- Hebrews 4:16


Many define the word, “approach” as an instruction or command for one to go near, draw closer or move closer. But I prefer the phrase “go near”. The Bible urges us to go near God such that He too might come near to us.

You need to understand that, for one to be told to go near something or someone, it means that they were not in proximity as expected, hence the instruction or command now to reduce the distance and go near whatever it is they are supposed to be in proximity with.

Apostle Paul would not have urged the Hebrews to go near the throne of God, had it been that they were already close to it. The verse above shows that although they were supposed to be near the throne of God, they were not anywhere near. Though the reason is not stated, but as I was reading the scripture, I thought to myself that apart from sin and all the others that make people fall short of the glory of God; the Hebrews notably lacked confidence, because Apostle Paul went on to tell them that they were supposed to approach the throne of God with confidence. In other words, if one does not have the confidence to go near the throne of God, one will not receive grace and mercy in times of need. This could be the reason why you are not getting the help that you need; you lack the confidence to approach or go near the throne of God.

Action Point:

You have suffered long enough. It is time for you to receive the goodness of the Lord and for you to see the hand of God in your life. Do not be scared anymore. God is your Father, and He never chases those who approach Him with confidence. He knows that which you need, all He is waiting for, is for you to draw near to Him so that He can begin to address your issues. More often than not, life will try to convince you that because of your shortfalls and past mistakes, then you do not deserve to come to God, but this is not so. Be confident in the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for your sake. You have been far away for too long. Heaven misses you, and God wants you to enjoy being in His presence again. Do not hide any longer, avail yourself. Your Father loves you.


“Lord, I come before Your throne of grace and mercy; do not hide Your face and Your presence from me. All that I am is because of You. I want to be reunited with You once again and get to enjoy fellowshipping with You once again. You are a good Father, and I am grateful that You chose me to be Your child, despite my shortcomings. I love You. Amen.”

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