Prayer of the week with Major 1

I pray for you wherever you are. May the God that I serve day and night, be with you throughout this week.

If you are in school, let there be distinctions in your studies. May you receive merits for your hard work, in the name of Jesus Christ!

I pray for your ministry, let it be strengthened and edified. May you continue to grow spiritually, in Jesus name.

I pray for your marriage and your family- receive peace and unity! Let there be immeasurable joy in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you are sick receive your healing this week. And if you are struggling financially, I speak a breakthrough.

Monday shall bring you joy,
Tuesday shall bring you divine healing,
Wednesday shall bring you promotion,
Thursday shall bring you supernatural miracles,
Friday shall bring you breakthroughs,
Saturday shall bring you REST from all your troubles!

This is my prayer for you!

Prayer of the week with Major 1

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