If there are still some out there who questions the resilient move of God in our ministry and how it impacts on His people, then our 2018/2019 Crossover Night provides a good answer.

Ten of thousands, I am told about 100 000, filled Pretoria Showgrounds just to be part of our Night of Open Doors prayers against circumstances that should have made them not to come.

It rained heavily throughout the day but this could not stop the young and the old, the disabled and the sick to come and seek the face of God as they crossed over from 2018 to 2019.

I was so touched to see thousands, some in covered halls and others on open grounds, braving not just the drench but also the bad publicity against us just to be part of this moment.

I prayed and asked God why is this happening and He said: “These are my people. They have come here for me. Pray for them and give them hope. Tell them I have heard their prayers and I have opened their doors.”

Against every pain our ministry suffered in 2018, the 2018/19 Crossover Night gave me renewed energy and faith in our people, in our ministry and in our God. Indeed, God is still speaking to His people today.

I will preach again to the world. I will prophesy again to millions. I will give again to the less fortunate. I will continue serving God with all my heart and soul.

Allow me, also, to extend my condolences to the family of the three members of our church who lost their life during the unfortunate Friday 28 2018 incident that happened at our Pretoria Branch church.

I am also extending a message of uplift to the 17 that also got injured during the same incident.

It was an unfortunate incident that should not have happened. But it is in moments like these when, instead of asking why God, we should learn to understand that the ways of God are not our ways.

I am confident in the leadership of our church and I have instructed them to do everything possible to ensure that those dead are identified and given proper burial; and, again, the 17 injured are taken care of.


With these remarks, I want to thank everybody who stood with our ministry in 2018 and I am praying that God should continue to strengthen your resolve in 2019.

I love you all and I wish you a Happy New Year.

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