Swordsman Sam Megas’ reunion with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

CAGC’s Official Statement on Swordsman Sam Megas’ reunion with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

CAGC’s Official Statement on Swordsman Sam Megas’ reunion with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

On Monday, February 12, during the Diplomatic Service at Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church in Pretoria something unexpected took place. To the glory of God, I was welcomed back to the loving arms of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the Major 1. It was a great moment which created memories that I wish to hold so dearly in my life.

Swordsman Sam Megas’ reunion with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

CAGC’s Official Statement on Swordsman Sam Megas’ reunion with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

When I was young, I received a great calling into the prophetic. As a young man in ministry, in order to realize my spiritual dream and be shaped into such a man that I am becoming, I needed a connection. By grace, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri came into my life. As I remember, he spotted me from a far and told me that he saw a great calling upon my life, as forensic in the prophetic He just nailed it interpreting the vision God showed me.

This encounter was a confirmation of the revelation I had received from God. At this same instant, I submitted to him and went on to serve under ECG. I was given a great Fatherly and Motherly love from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri. As a matter of truth, I was more of an adopted son because I was taken into his own home that I stayed in for two years, learning and perfecting my spiritual life, taking care of my physical needs as well.

Life is a journey and growing up is tough. There comes a time, when as a child, you have the urge to face the world and be independent. Such a heart can sometimes lead to rebellion and as the story has been told, I was out of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s covering.

Swordsman Sam Megas

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Just like the Roman Catholic Church, one of the greatest establishments in Christian History suffered what is now known as the ‘Dark Ages’, I, too, suffered my own share of dark moments. This is the time that I moved and submitted to Apostle JB Makananisa, a great man of God ministering under Charis Missionary Church.

I was welcomed with open hands and I was given the love with a hook. May it be known that my submission to Apostle JB Makananisa was nowhere near money oriented reasons, but simply to have a covering and a home to go to when in need of fatherly help.

Swordsman Sam Megas
Swordsman Sam Megas

One thing led to another and I later realized a home I called a home was not really what I had hoped. It welcomed people based on what they could offer, especially in their fight against ECG and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. To those who lied to have had information about Prophet Shepherd Bushiri were treated as Kings and given a platform to humiliate the Major 1 and his organisation.

This made me question if indeed I made the right decision to call the place my home. As a man of few words, I chose not to go to the altar and humiliate another man of God. May it be understood that my intentions of submitting were not to kill my vision but rather, build the vision of my new home. From the beginning, God gave me a race to run and I have worked so had towards building CAGC and Swords TV.

Going on an altar of God to discuss another person has never been my intention. On my first appearance, I was prayed for and spoken to by the man of God, Apostle Makananisa. It is what I needed in the first place, direction. The question that got me puzzled is when He wanted to know if Prophet Bushiri is indeed a man of God. When I saw men that came after me, standing on the altar and speaking all different things about Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, my heart was troubled and it is this trouble that led me to write a statement which I put few weeks ago. In the statement, I encouraged peace between the sides and called for all Christians to unite in praying for the two sides.

Apostle JB Makananisa
Apostle JB Makananisa

Following the statement, I was described as a traitor by the side of Apostle JB Makananisa. To them, stating openly that I respected both men of God was a sin. Clearly, they expected something from me, and that was a thing I could not do. This pushed my face out of their presence. I was broken and it is at this point that I realized I needed to go where I belong, to the house of God, under the guidance of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

It was not easy for me to call him , for we had not spoken for a very long time. Surprisingly, when I contacted him, he called me back with warmth and excitement. He told me how much he missed me and how he always prayed for me. I felt the love of a Father, I had been in prayer and completed fasting on the 12th day just to appear before my father’s grace, His first words of love, where “bring him food, let him eat with me”. A vision became clear. I needed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri more than he needed me.

In all our talks, let it be known that there has never been a point when he talked about Apostle Makananisa and the relationship I had with him. He respected that and seeing what Charis Missionary has become today, a platform for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri`s despisers, I bleed with shame to have been on this very same platform receiving the word from God. But I remembered that sometimes Moses needs to be in Pharaohs house in order to understand True opposition, I was in a house that has opposition of the Prophet of God, Alas!

Apostle JB Makananisa

Being back home has been quite an amazing experience and I thank God that I now have a clear direction. To my followers, spiritual sons and daughters, I urge you to refrain from attacking anointed men of God and above all, I urge you to stand strong with me in these difficult times and learn from my mistakes, and experiences, Never leave your father no matter what. God will only give you one home and the same home you have been given is what will raise you, until you are old and matured enough to begin your individual journey. A father has to release you in grace of his love.

I now carry the grace of my Father in the Lord, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, and I know I am an agenda in another church, but our present sufferings and shame shall not be compared to grace I have received of my father the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.


Remain Blessed,


Prophet Sam Megas

Malicious plots against Prophet Bushiri exposed

Malicious plots against Prophet Bushiri exposed

Malicious plots against Prophet Bushiri exposed

There have been several malicious plots against God’s servant Prophet Bushiri in the recent weeks than ever. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to true believers with discernment. Just as a servant can not be greater than the master so must any genuine servant of God be persecuted even as Jesus was persecuted.

Our Lord Jesus Christ says in Luke 6:26 that woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you, for so spoke their ancestors about the false prophet. Hence, for all men to speak well of you is a clear evidence that you are of the world. This explains why every genuine man of God especially those in the prophetic movement in the likes of Prophet Bushiri, Prophet T.B Joshua, Prophet Uebert Angel, Apostle Johnson Suleman and several others are greatly under attack.

Prophet Bushiri

Malicious plots against Prophet Bushiri exposed

However, the recent attacks and plots against Prophet Bushiri – Major 1 and the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) have been more often and well organized than ever before. The shocking part of it is that these setups, accusations, and fraudulent attempts to implicate Prophet Bushiri are organized by other so called “men of God” who are obviously fuelled by a jealous spirit from their father the devil.

They have failed repeatedly to accuse Prophet Bushiri of sleeping with girls, defrauding Christians, staging prophecies, faking miracles amidst other things. Dear reader, before you read the following confession from Apostle Makananisa who confesses of paying people to destroy Prophet Bushiri’s ECG on Charis TV amidst other things, we exhort you to stay away from speaking against men of God.

Throughout scripture, we see how dangerous it is to speak against any man of God. Ask Aaron and Miriam and they will tell you of the curse that comes with speaking against Moses even when he was wrong. Read about the sons of Noah, ask Reuben and more. Now, read the following confession and play the role of an evangelist by sharing it on social media. Share on WahtsApp to stop the fight against the Gospel of Christ.

Apostle Makananisa exposed for paying people to destroy Prophet Bushiri’s ECG on Charis TV

 Malicious plots against Prophet Bushiri exposed

Among other things, the campaign involves paying assailants to speak ill of Prophet Bushiri on Charis TV. They have even gone as far as hiring young girls to confess that Prophet Bushiri made a move on them, paying people to speak ill of Bushiri on recordings. They then use these paid recordings not just on their television, but they have also tried opening baseless cases against Prophet Bushiri.

However, the truth has begun to surface and the cat is now out of the bag.

One of the many people they hired to spew prepared and engineered lies against Prophet Bushiri has come out to expose how he was used to destroy ECG and it’s leader. The gentleman named Prophet Rodds is now seeking for forgiveness for playing a role in the plot to destroy not just Prophet Bushiri but also different other men of God to which the gentlemen now refers to as God’s generals who are championing the prophetic ministry in particular like Prophets Uebert Angel and Shepherd Bushiri.

Prophet Rodds, brought these sinister string of events forth in a 45-minute video, posted on YouTube on Thursday.

In the video Prophet Rodds states that God has spoken to him to stop destroying His generals by spreading lies and plotting malicious things against them. He added that what he has been doing has brought confusion in the body of Christ and unless he repents, he will never know peace of the heart.

He speaks: “I once did a video that was aired on Charis TV and social media alleging that Prophet Bushiri’s prophecies are fake, that his miracles are fabricated and that he is not a man of God. I regret saying that because it is all false and fabricated things spoken under influence of being used. Prophet Bushiri is a genuine man of God. I repeat: Prophet Bushiri is a genuine man of God.”

Prophet Rodds further says that at the heart of it all is that [Apostle Makananisa], owner of Charis TV, has a Jezebellic spirit of jealousy against prophetic ministries because they are growing so fast. His major focus has been attacking Prophet Bushiri because he runs one of the fastest growing ministries in Southern Africa and the world.

“He hates prophetic ministries and, if you watch him preach, all his sermons are about attacking Prophet Bushiri and other prophets. He pays people like me, to speak ill of Prophet Bushiri in his church with a goal destroying ECG and have its leader either arrested or deported back to his home country as the Apostle openly dislikes foreigners in South Africa”.

Prophet Rodds further stated that this Apostle never sleeps, plotting everyday, adding that his wish is to see Prophet Shepherd Bushiri fall by use of any and all means necessary.

“He is hiring girls, lawyers and walkers to use whatever means they have to pull down Prophet Bushiri. He even plans criminal and despicable things such as to see Prophet Bushiri dead,” he says.

He has since warned the public against believing this apostle because all his actions are being driven by spirit of jealousy, and his hate for foreign prophets.

To hear from the horses mouth watch the video below:

Prophet Bushiri pulls another surprise: 2018 first service pulls 70 000, thousands receive Jesus

South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has, once again, pulled another giant surprise with his 2018 Grand Entrance Service on Sunday pulling over 70 000 people and, again, over 20 000 giving their life to Jesus Christ.

This was the first service in 2018 for the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.


The success of the Grand Entrance Service—which rides on the historical FNB turnout two weeks ago during the Crossover Night—represents yet another milestone for ECG and Prophet Bushiri, a herald of even more greater things to come in 2018.

It is reported that as early as 5 hours (CAT), thousands had already filled the pews in all the seven halls. The open air space was, again, packed as the clock ticked 8 hours.

As Prophet Bushiri arrived around 13 hours, Pretoria Showgrounds was already a sea of saints—drawn from different parts across the world, who had come to praise and worship God at ECG.

Prophet Bushiri

Over 20 000, according ECG communications director Ephraim Nyondo, gave their life to Christ for the first time. He added that the Prophet even took time to pray and put his hand on almost everybody who came to church with different ailments.

In his sermon, Prophet Bushiri called on church leaders across the world to use the pulpit of God to spread the gospel not fights.

With the success of the Grand Entrance Service, Prophet Bushiri—who in the build up to the service had been a center of attacks from other ministries and also some governments—has just scored yet another important step in the growth of his ministry.

Nyondo said: “Prophet Bushiri is God’s sent. The power of God is in him. No matter how much he can be fought, victory will always be on his side; because God fights his battles.”

Prophet Bushiri


Angels appear in church during a LIVE Service – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Angels appear in church during a LIVE Service – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.


On the 13th of September 2015, during a Live Sunday Service, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1 prayed for the congregation on behalf of those who don’t believe in God for their spiritual eyes to open just as Elisha prayed for his servant Gehazi in 2 Kings 6:16. Behold, there was a physical appearance of angels in the fourth overflow.

Angels appear in church during a LIVE Service - Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Angels appear in church during a LIVE Service – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

It is recorded that thousands witnessed and attested to this great miracle. Some actually shared pictures of screenshots of the apparition of these angels captured live on camera as they watched. Others took snap shots with their camera phones from their TV screens.

Many people who doubted the existence of God were convicted through this miracle and received Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour. This, however, is just one of many peculiar miracles that God is performing through Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1 in the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG).

Below is a written excerpt of the service:

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1(prays): “We believe that you really lived and that you died but Father for the sake of those who don’t believe, open the eyes of these people that they may believe in your power.”


“Let your kingdom, your splendour, your dominion be manifest. The visible glory of your kingdom and may every problem of them disappear.”

“Father in the Name of Jesus, let your kingdom appear in this place. Your power appear in this place and take away the problems of people. In the Name of Jesus, I pray.”

Congregation: “I receive!”

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1: “In the Name of Jesus, I pray.”

congregation: “I receive!”


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri -Major 1: “Elisha prayed for the eyes of Gehazi to open. And I want to say this. Your situation. Your problem. Your current suffering will never and can never be compared to what the Lord is about to do in your life.”


Some congregants: “O yes!”

Entire congregation starts screaming and people are been hit by the power of God all through the auditorium.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1: “See angels! See angels! See angels!”

Screaming continues as angels become more visible and many are slayed in the Spirit.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1: “Angels! Angels!”

“Do you see the glory of God? Have you seen the angels?”


Some congregants not hit by this great manifestation of power: “Yes!”


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1: “Look here! Angels are here!”


“Whatever you need, begin to pray. Begin to pray. (X2)


” Begin to receive it! Begin to pray.”

Congregants start praying.

Angels appear in church during a LIVE Service – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Angels appear in church

You can also read about the ground breaking miracles that occurred during the 2017 – 2018 historic Angel Gabriel Cross Over Service With Prophet Bushiri at the FNB stadium. Note that the stadium was filled to full capacity containing 100,000 and an overflow. All glory be to God for this end time move of His power.

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Night of Angel Gabriel

2017-2018 Night of Angel Gabriel Crossover Night with Prophet Bushiri: FNB Stadium

2017-2018 Night of Angel Gabriel Crossover Night with Prophet Bushiri: FNB Stadium

Prophet Bushiri named Africa’s most crowd puller: Fills FNB Stadium with over 100 000 people

Night of Angel Gabriel
Night of Angel Gabriel

Night of Angel Gabriel

Management of Africa’s largest soccer arena, FNB Stadium in South Africa, has named Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as Africa’s most crowd puller after yet another successful Crossover Night which attracted over 100 000 people.

The management, which is to make a statement , confided in Voice of Dominion that Prophet Bushiri deserves the honour not just for attracting the 2017/18 year’s feat; rather, for consistently maintaining the feat for the past three years.
Sources from FNB management told Voice of Dominion that in the 29 years of FNB Stadium’s operation, no person has ever done what Prophet Bushiri keeps achieving by consistently filling the stadium with ever increasing figures.
It’s unprecedented, it’s historical and it deserves special and higher recognition in South Africa’s history of events management and crowd mobilization, he said.
Night of Angel Gabriel
Night of Angel Gabriel
FNB stadium capacity, after completion of its construction in 1989, was 80 000 spectators.
Twenty years later, the stadium received a major upgrade in preparation for the 2010 World Cup—going up to 95 000 spectators.
However, when Prophet Bushiri started holding Crossover Nights in 2015, the attendance has been filling to capacity plus slight excess—owing to the fact that thousands of others get seated on the playing field.
Since the first 2015/16 Crossover Night, dubbed the Night of Lion of Judah; through the 2016/17 one, dubbed Night of Honey; Prophet Bushiri has been a consistent crowd puller with the recent one, dubbed Night of Angel Gabriel, seeing 100 000 tickets, selling at R10, selling out in 9 days.
Even if organizers squeezed in and produced 2 000 more tickets, it didn’t help either because, in a day, they were all over. To mean, they were thousands others who could not make it to the event because of capacity issues.
Night of Angel Gabriel
Night of Angel Gabriel
In an interview with Voice of Dominion after the event, Prophet Bushiri—who is the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International—didn’t say much only attributing everything to God’s grace.
“There is nothing I can do just with my hands. All what you see here is because of God’s grace and love for our ministry,” he said and refused to comment further.
During the teaching, the Prophet unpacked the message of Angel Gabriel underlining that the choice of the theme doesn’t, in any way, imply the worship of the angel.
In explaining about Angel Gabriel and its relevance in forming the event’s theme, the Prophet reckoned that this particular angel is a messenger who is fond of bringing good news to people and further contextualised that believers should brace for good news in the year 2018.
He further indicated that angel Gabriel appeared to at least three people in the Bible, first to the prophet Daniel, to whom he explained a vision that he had; next to the priest Zechariah to foretell and announce the miraculous birth of John the Baptist; and finally to the virgin Mary to tell her that she would conceive and give birth to Jesus.
Most importantly, the Prophet called upon to stand strong in prayer and fasting, saying that these are practices that create an attractive environment for visitation of angel Gabriel.
Addressing questions whether the event was about worshiping angel Gabriel, the Prophet narrated that angels are not there to be worshiped and neither was the event about worshiping angel Gabriel.
He indicated that only God deserves worship: “We do not worship angels and angels are not there to be worshiped. We worship God only and we are asking God to release angel Gabriel into situations of believers so they can enjoy good news in the year 2018.”
The Prophet also clarified about stories going round about using FNB ticket money to enrich himself. He said that the entire event has an R11 million budget.
The R10 tickets, he said, was too minimal that the money realised was only used to produce the tickets which were principally for control purposes.
Night of Angel Gabriel
Night of Angel Gabriel
He underlined that much of the money used for the event came from his personal accounts.

Prophet Bushiri is a successful businessperson who is a president and founder of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI), an investment companies with various entities such as hotels, airlines, consultancy agencies, mobile networks, mining, to name but a few.

Night of Angel Gabriel
Night of Angel Gabriel