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Apostle Makananisa Apologises to Prophet Bushiri

Apostle Makananisa Apologises to Prophet Bushiri

Apostle Makananisa Apologises to Prophet Bushiri

Founder of Charis Missionary Ministries, Apostle Prof. JB Makananisa, has decided to render an apology to Founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for the chaos that “has been thrown against the body of Christ” over the past 48 hours.

Apostle Makananisa who has been under a barrage of criticisms of members of the public and his own congregation based in ramshackle cabins of Thembisa, a township near Johannesburg, for inciting two prophets of his church, who confessed plots hatched against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his Enlightened Christian Gathering congregation.

“Our plan was to see to it that ECG was closed so he(Apostle) got some high ranking people in government to make sure this plots were carried out”, one of the prophets Themba Nkosi said during his confession before the over 70,000 congregants of ECG on Sunday.

Apostle Makananisa Apologises to Prophet Bushiri

Apostle Makananisa Apologises to Prophet Bushiri

He continued, “we involved some of the top officials of the Hawks Intelligence Unit and a minister in government whose name I can’t mention to carry out a series of activities planned against Prophet Bushiri”.

Simultaneously, as the confessions were ongoing within the confines of ECG, Apostle Makananisa decided to go against all odds and suspended his own Sunday service to tune in to Prophetic channel owned by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to watch proceedings. JB became a Prophetic Channel viewer as he joined 28 million viewers world-wide.

One of his Prophets, Rodd’s, producing documented evidence showed how they had plotted to set up young ladies against the anointed man of God, Major 1.

“Apostle asked me to contact some women who we could use against Prophet Bushiri “, he admitted to the shock of the congregation. His decoys were two prophets, one usher, and three other ladies recruited by the Apostle to carry out the nefarious activities that had been planned against Prophet Bushiri and his large following.

By day break on Monday, a flurry of comments, aspersions and innuendoes from Makananisa’s own church members attempting to quit the church has informed his decision to play a diplomatic card of apologising to prophet Bushiri behind doors in order to regain his eroding self-respect and his members some of whom have already joined prophet Bushiri’s ECG.

Apostle JB Makananisa

“I can confirm that, Apostle Makananisa has contacted our office to be able to speak to the Prophet. Secondly, we have also received a call from our mother church in London, Spirit Embassy, that a call was received from Charis Missionary to speak to Prophet Uebert Angel”, Charles Musonda, one of the Media Relations Officer of the Church said.

Prophet Uebert Angel, who is visibly discontent with the earth shattering revelations made by these prophets from Charis ministries is due in South Africa this weekend. It does look as though, an acceptance of his apology could be the only way to save his face and his 205 members who are leaving in numbers after that embarrassing and disgraceful acts by a man of God.

For so long now, ECG has been a hub of miracles that could be depicted as the mighty hand of God at work. As per tradition, biblical history has it that strange phenomenon in the spiritual atmosphere always face earthly attacks.

Apostle Makananisa Apologises to Prophet Bushiri

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