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Believe in Yourself

Have faith in yourself!
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Believe in Yourself
Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself!

Look beyond your outward appearance

Look beyond your present circumstances

Look beyond what others are saying

Look with the eyes of faith

See who you truly are

You are who God says you are

You can do what God says you can do

You are bigger than you can ever imagine

You are unique

There is none like you

You are carefully designed for excellence

You were fashioned to achieve great things

Walk pass your past

Embrace your glorious future

Ignore what you cannot do now

And do what you can do

Never regret anything

Forget the pain of the past

Ignore your distracters

Keep on keeping on

Believe in yourself

You are smarter than you think

You are created to fellowship with God

Born to reign on earth

You are one of a kind

A priest unto God

And a king to reign on earth

You are YOU

You are invincible


An undisputed champion

More than conqueror

There is more love in you

Than there is hatred in the world

There are more solutions in you

Than there are problems in the world

Believe you can make it

You can achieve that dream

If you could think it

Then you can do it

Behind your obstacles

Comes your miracles

Behind your test

Comes your testimony

Look beyond fear

And find faith

Look beyond regret

And find reward

Look beyond limitation

And see elevation

Look beyond worry

And see God’s glory

Believe in yourself

Believe in who you are

Believe in what you carry

Your mind is greater than a nuclear bomb

You are too valuable

Don’t waste your energy on haters

Ignore the barking of dogs

Keep moving on

Who can stop you now?

Can the devil? No

Can sin? No

Can the world? No

Only you can stop you

So believe in yourself

Never give up on yourself

Just believe…

By Kum Eric Tso

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