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21 Reasons Why I Am BORN TO REIGN

21 Reasons Why I Am BORN TO REIGN


You are born to reign! Anyone who tells you differently is ignorant of a universal truth. Discover who you are and how to fulfill your glorious destiny.

Every human being on this planet is burning on the inside with the obvious fundamental questions of life. It is sad that many live and die without ever finding the answers to these questions. The most vital ones are:

  1. Who am I?

  2. Where am I from?

  3. Why am I here?

  4. Where am I going to?

Until you know who you are, you can never know where you come from, why you are here and where you will go from here.

Over the years, religions have risen with different beliefs and notions to fill this urging need in man to understand his purpose on earth; philosophers have tried in vain through countless attempts to ignore God’s existence and find answers to these questions on their own; science has experienced failure after failure to come up with some ‘scientific’ explanation for man’s origin and the role of man on earth. People have desperately searched for the answers to these questions, unfortunately in the wrong places and consequently never found them.

It has become more obvious that the answers to these extremely important questions can only be gotten from the author of the entire universe (including man). So, can you just email or call God and say: ‘Dear God, you are the creator of this world and everything therein. Please, tell me who I am; where I’m from; why I’m here and where I’m going to’? Nope! God did not leave His product without the product manual (the Bible). All these answers are found in God’s Word.

It’s amazing that of all that God created; only His greatest creation is ignorant of the purpose of its existence.

Even animals seem to have enough intelligence to figure out their assignment on earth and fulfill the purpose of their existence. No fish looks up to God and says, ‘why the fins?’ ‘Why did you create me?’ ‘Why am I in water?’ The fish simply swims freely.

In the same way no bird would ask God, ‘why the wings?’ Why scream to God in quest for man’s purpose on earth as I have seen many religious people doing in the name of prayer?

We have a guide that details out why we are here. We don’t need to search any further from the Bible. God’s Word tells us that you are not the evolution of some monkey or the product of some stupid accident – some bing bang as science teaches. Do you really believe in that lie that man is a modern Chimpanzee?

Well, with all due respect for science, I don’t. I believe what God says. I don’t believe man is born helpless, powerless and purposeless to struggle for survival and die for the next generations to come and keep repeating the same futile circle.

This book is meant to help you discover your purpose on earth – the unarguable fact that you are born to reign. As you will see in this book, you are born to reign! We all have what it takes to reign in life. We all have our spheres of influence, our world or domain where we are predestined to influence the world (cosmos).

Anyone who tells you differently is ignorant of a universal truth. This book will show you a few of the many reasons why you are born to reign.  Note that the problem however is not really whether you are born to reign but whether you know that you are born to reign.

It is very clear that many live in captivity instead of dominion due to ignorance for the Word of God says in Hosea chapter 4, the 6th verse that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hence, man’s greatest problem according to God is neither sin nor the devil but ignorance.

The reason why many are not reigning as they are predestined to reign is simply as a result of identity crisis. It is clear that the heir to the throne will live and die like an ordinary man if he is ignorant of who he is and how he ought to function. It’s pathetic to be a king and spend all your life thinking and living like a slave just because you failed to come to terms with who you truly are.

Get ready to embark on a totally life transforming journey that will reshape your perspectives about the fundamental questions of life and propel you to fulfill your glorious destiny.


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