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Watch The Diplomatic Live Service

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

The Diplomatic Live Service is a divine encounter ordained by God through his servant Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1 as a covenant meeting for the edification, quickening, empowerment and establishment of the latter day saints (diplomats) for greater exploits unto the glory of God.

Diplomatic Live Service

Diplomatic Live Service
Diplomatic Live Service


Diplomatic Live Service
Diplomatic Live Service

This glorious event holds every Monday at the ECG main church auditorium in South Africa and is mostly attended by people from all works of life.


ECG Services

Diplomatic Live Service

Are you in business? This service is for you every Monday night at 8 pm.


Mid Week Service

For all your prophetic and deliverance, participate in this service live every Friday at 8 pm


Sunday Service

Sunday services starts at 10am. All services available live from this platform.


Diplomatic Live Service

Diplomatic Live Service

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri:

”In one of my recent posts, I asked for your testimonies to see what God has done in your life through my ministry.

I read every comment on that post and I was meticulously speechless with the testimonies I got from you all. I have selected few that I want to share with you. I wish I could simply copy and paste all testimonies, but that would require your whole day to read them all.”

”Below are some of the testimonies that caught my eye:

Success Jedidiah Nqojane: As papa declared this year a year of deliverance & preservation, I was preserved. I had a job interview. I woke up early and around 5 am, I got out from the house after walking 10 min from where I stay, and I saw two men walking towards me.

One of them took a gun and pointed it at me. They were so close. I looked at the gun and thought of waiting for a bullet to be fired at me, but something told me to run. Despite my heavy weight, I ran and left them behind. They were also coming after me but they couldn’t catch me. I wasn’t harmed or anything. I was preserved as Major declared.

I finally got the jobs I am now employed and it’s a good job.

Sarah Macklon: On third of June 2014 when I traveled from Nyimba Zambia to Lilongwe, Papa you gave me a prophecy that I will conceive after 10 years of bareness. Surely it came to pass instantly and its now a week after delivering my anointed child. You are so powerful Papa and may the Lord keep on increasing you in Jesus’ name.

Nickson Chafika: I won a court case after receiving a prophecy from u in 2011 and you also told me that my future is here in Malawi and that I should not go outside the country to work. I listened to you man of God and now I have built a big mansion that most of my friends that travelled out can’t afford. Thanks to Jesus. May God bless you.

Shiny Mogwe: I never miss live services unless I have something beyond my control. During these services I participate as if I am I Pretoria., the Holy Spirit moves in my house. I remember when Papa said people would see oil and gold dust on their hands, oil appeared immediately on my hands. Power!

Ernest O Nyirenda My wife’s elder sister had a tumor in her womb and she was at Bwaila hospital waiting to be operated in the womb. I took the bottle of holy water and after service at Crossroads Hotel when you were going out you were touching people. By God’s grace you also touched the bottle of water I was carrying.

When she drunk from the bottle, at night she started menstruation. Very dark blood oozed out of her body. In the morning she was referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital. When the Doctors scanned her before operation, they realized that the tumor was not there. It was gone. That is how she got healed. Praise the Lord! As I am speaking now she has a baby girl. I always testify to people for what God did to her through your ministry. Just a touch on a the bottle of water someone got healed. May almighty God increase you Papa.

Liisa Shivute: I started watching Prophetic Channel this year in February. I was happy to watch the rebroadcast story on how the Medical Doctor was prophesied that there is an ancestral spirit in the family, killed the son and three husbands. I learnt a lot from that prophecy that, sometimes we don’t know the roots of our problems.

Since that day, I am addicted to watch Prophetic Channel and sleep with the TV on. There used to be robbers jumping over my wall several times, and never break into the house. The first time we saw the person, several times only the footprints in the yard. Because the Holy Ghost Fire is burning. Last time the Man of God prayed for us on the screen and I was connected spiritually, I was under the influence of the Holy Spirit, found myself vibrating. When I woke up this morning, I had a feeling in my stomach and was vomiting white saliva. I believe that was my deliverance, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Patricia Elise Fouda: I received a prophecy from you on 22nd of February this year concerning my whole life, and since then my salon is moving day by day. Before I would stay for a week without seeing even one customer now it’s new dawn in my business. Thank you major prophet for your prayers. My name is Patricia, I’m from Cameroon.

Henry Raj: The Lord has blessed my spiritual life, health, wealth, finances, beautiful wife and most of all encouragement from the Lord through Prophet Shepherd Bushiri..

Kenanao Thuthunyane: when you were in Botswana you prophesied about glittering hands and oil from hands. Since that day I am so uplifted. And my wish and plan is to visit your Ministry in Pretoria this year. I watch Prophetic Channel every time when am at home and I keep on being spiritually uplifted.

Pona Shabe: Last week Monday I was watching Diplomatic Service. Papa you prayed for our documents. I took my Road Accident Fund forms to their office after the Dr. has signed and when I got there after two weeks the lady at the reception said she miss placed my forms. I was so upset I wanted to cry on my way to work after watching Diplomatic Service she called me and said I must bring the other form from the specialist. I called the surgery and the receptionist called to come and collect my forms. Papa live services are making miracles

Sibongile Maseko: I was watching Prophetic channel on Easter holidays and you declared that whatever we ate from the enemies table we shall vomit pointing if we touch the screen. I touched and I started vomiting for two days. On Sunday night I dreamt floating on top of water and there were people shouting that I must not take a certain direction it’s dangerous until I landed on dry ground. I believe I received my deliverance. Thank u Jesus. I note I have never been in your church or services but the anointing that I desire located me.

Harvey Msodoka: Through you Papa, GOD has saved my life am a born again. My life is delivered from evil I used to do like beer drinking, stealing. My family members are also delivered by the same grace. through prophecy I have discovered my calling of which am serving GOD with much power because the same grace you have is imparted to me and is working wonders. Every time I listen to your teachings my life is growing spiritually. You will live long Papa.

Nigel Savel: Prophet when you came to Cape Town last year, you prophesied and prayed for our organization to accelerate and expand, that funding applications we submit will be granted so that we can impact the Youth of Cape Town and every word and every decree in prayer has been fulfilled and still manifesting until this day. You also prayed over our documents and till this day, I feel the anointing and presence over those documents which we filed and touch every time we submit an application for funding. Thank you Man of God for being the Mighty Vessel of the Most High God to us and our generation.

Rotakala Roro Sidimela: Major one I was struggling to see my periods for a long time but using the anointing Oil of Prophet Shepard Bushiri my periods are back. Tank you Jesus.

Sindiswa AB Lusenga It’s been a month now since I discovered Prophetic channel. I used to have bad dreams like sleeping with man, being chased by dogs and seeing snakes, but since I started watching Prophetic Channel and praying a long with you, I have been sleeping like a baby and I will never stop watching this channel. Thank you man of God.

To all those who have testified, let your miracles be permanent in Jesus’ name.

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