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Dr. Abel Damina, a voice worth hearing

Dr. Abel Damina, a voice worth hearing
Dr. Abel Damina, a voice worth hearing

Voice of Dominion in the attempt to celebrate and glorify God for raising able ministers to make His voice heard by all men across the world, showcases the beauty of Christ in co-workers in the vineyard in the likes of Dr. Abel Damina, a voice worth hearing. Dr. Abel Damina is one of the custodians of the Gospel of Grace in our generation with a mandate to unveil Christ to many.

Many who have been privileged to listen to this rare gift from God, Dr. Abel Damina, a voice worth hearing, will agree that God is not just raising voices to call in the harvest, he is actually dressing up the bride to welcome the groom in all beauty.

According to Power City International, ‘Abel Damina, Pastor and founder, received the vision of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International in 1992. God spoke to him saying, “Feed my sheep, for they are hungry. I am raising a quality people who will stand their ground and not fail me.” In January 1993, Power City International held its first service in the hall of the old Apex Cinema Hall, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Though young, the church grew rapidly and the hall expanded twice. Eventually, it was demolished to pave way for the present state-of-art church auditorium.

Power City International
Power City International

Dr’s Abel and Rachel Damina are also the CEO’s of Kingdom Life Network TV – a Christian Satellite TV channel covering Africa, Canada, North America, and parts of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Dr. Abel Damina is also the President of International Charismatic Ministers’ Association (ICMA), a body that provides covering and ministerial resources for Ministers of the Gospel globally.

Dr. Damina hosts the daily TV and radio programs, Righteous Invasion Of Truth [R.I.O.T.], through which millions are being transformed across the world. He can also be seen and heard on other TV stations several times a week, KICC TV [Europe], Word Network [America and Canada], and Kingdom Life Network TV. He is a recipient of many awards and honors of ecclesiastical excellence, and travels around the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with demonstrations of power.
He is also the current National Chairman, Pentecostal Fellow-ship Of Nigeria Youth Wing. Dr. Abel Damina is married to the love of his life Dr. Rachel Damina and together they have three wonderful daughters, Jemima, Jesimiel and Jeiel, the Triple J Plus Singing Sensation.’

This is what we put together to showcase Dr. Abel Damina, a voice worth hearing. To know more about other voice worth hearing, subscribe to this blog.

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