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Dr. Shawn Smith, a voice worth hearing

Dr. Shawn Smith, a voice worth hearing

Dr. Shawn Smith, a voice worth hearingDr. Shawn Smith

Voice of Dominion in the attempt to celebrate and glorify God for raising able ministers to make His voice heard by all men across the world, showcases the beauty of Christ in co-workers in the vineyard in the likes of Dr. Shawn Smith, a voice worth hearing; who to us is an example that is worthy to be emulated.

It is one thing to be a messenger from God and entirely another thing to be a messenger with a message from God. Dr. Shawn Smith is one of the servants of God with such a clear message that once you get hold of, you wouldn’t afford to let go. Voice of Dominion is greatly blessed to have such a voice reaching out to hundreds of thousands out there!

We are proud of Dr. Shawn Smith and everything God is using him to do in the Lord’s vineyard.

Dr. Shawn Smith
Dr. Shawn Smith, a voice worth hearing

Dr. Shawn Smith is a duly ordained minister of Jesus Christ who was also elevated to the episcopacy and affirmed to the apostolate. He is the apostolic overseer of Gospel of Christ Ministries. He has been expounding and preaching the untainted grace of our Lord Jesus Christ for close to two decades.

His exegetical and inspirational method of presentation of the New Testament has established him as a theological authority in the Gospel revealed to the Apostle Paul.

Gospel of Christ Ministries
Gospel of Christ Ministries

The Pauline revelation has always been the focus of Dr. Shawn smith’s ministry. Every message he preaches or teaches, as well as every book he has authored has focused on the person of Christ who is the first and foremost passion of his life and ministry.

Through preaching and teaching, Dr. Shawn Smith has trained and raised more than one hundred ministers of grace who minister the gospel of grace with grace in different capacities all around the world.

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