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Former General manager apologises to Major One

Former General manager apologises to Major One

Former General manager apologises to Major One

Former General manager apologises to Major One
Former General manager apologises to Major One

Pretoria – A Ghanaian man who worked as ECG General manager has made a dramatic confession on allegations he made against Prophet Bushiri.

The man, Alex Sarpong, joined the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church of charismatic Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in 2015. He was then appointed as a general manager in charge of the church finances in 2016.

A video of Sarpong, filmed by a local journalist went viral a few weeks ago. In the video he accused Bushiri of taking all the money they make from sales such as: anointing oil, water, wristbands etc.

But, Sarpong has come out with a shocking u-turn confession, making an apology to the Prophet and his wife.

Sarpong stated in the video that he made false claims against the Prophet and the church because of anger and frustrations after he fell out with his work  colleagues.

“I took my anger to the wrong person, that is the Prophet and his wife. My anger should have been directed to the G12, but since the Prophet is the one who engaged me from day 1, that is why I directed my anger to him. I do apologize to the Prophet “,he said

Sarpong explained that when he resigned as the general manager, he requested compensation /salary but did not get a response.

“I was very upset, I was very cross. I was not myself because to me, the services that I rendered to the church, compared to the treatment I received was too much for me”, he said.

Sarpong added that he cannot substantiate or prove anything he claimed in the first video.

“My loyalty and dedication is with him, “

Sarpong further explained that there is no truth about the allegation of the Prophet giving the president 4 million Rands.

He said there is nothing to backup that allegation and because of the situation he was going through, he said everything out of anger.

“At that time, under such circumstances I had no choice but to say things that are not true and cannot prove. So I am telling the whole world that whatever I said in that interview is false, and I an retracting everything I said because I was angry and I cannot prove anything.

“He is true man of God, I’ve been with him, I go with him to his bedroom we talk and I know the type of man he is. Whatever information is going around about him, I am saying it today that it is not true.” he added

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