International Visitors Program in South Africa

International Visitors Program in South Africa

International Visitors Program in South Africa

Picking up one of the International Visitors Program in South Africa will lead you into exploring the beauties of the country. South Africa is a blessed land with several international visitor programs. These programs are generally held by Mega Prophetic and Apostolic Churches. The programs which are generally characterized by wonders, miracles, supernatural encounters, divine blessings, and divine favor do attract visitors from different parts of the world. If you wish to partake in one of these international visitors program in South Africa, we’ll say that you are at the right place for the right information.

We’ll provide you with all that you need to know on what it takes to successfully travel from your country of residence to South Africa and back safely. You can as well be certain of benefiting much in South Africa from the religious angle to the touristic angle. Many have gone there in the name of religion and had their lives changed both on the spiritual and financial plans. And we do not think that your case will be an exception. Get down on your knees, pray and ask God to direct your steps in obtaining his favor. Let us now present the different international visitors program in South Africa.

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International Visitors Program in South Africa

How to attend the ECG Church as an International Visitor

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church which was founded by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri welcomes international visitors from all corners of the World. This is a powerful prophetic ministry which has its headquarters in South Africa. Its church services are usually animated by accurate prophecies, healing, deliverance, blessings, and powerful sermons on the Holy Scriptures. To be welcomed as an International Visitor at ECG Church is very easy. Note that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries are highly welcoming and friendly when it comes to treating their International congregants. To attend the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church as an international visitor, you’ll need to get registered at Prophet Bushiri Ministry International Visitor Page. For more info on Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, you can read his Official Biography.

How to attend AMI Church as an International Visitor

We can’t talk of the International Visitors Program in South Africa without including that offered by AMI. The Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) church was founded by Pastor Alph Lukau. Pastor Alph Lukau is well known for his accurate prophetic ability. He currently acts as the General Overseer and senior pastor of AMI. Early 2019, he raised a dead man in the name of Jesus Christ and this really got people talking. His Prophetic and Apostolic ministry is usually characterized by accurate prophecies, healing, undeniable miracles, deliverance and sharing of powerful scriptural messages. With the name of Jesus Christ, he challenges all impossible situations as well as overcome them. With this in mind, many people from different countries desire to meet with him for spiritual teachings, healing, deliverance and blessings. Check for further requirements at Pastor Alph Lukau International Visitor Page.

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How to register for the International Prime Visitors Program (IPVP)

Prime-Major Prophet Meek Banda of HOJEM Church comes with the prophetic anointing to enhance spiritual encounters with international Visitors. That’s why it would be a mistake to talk of the International Visitors Program in South Africa without inducing his ministry. Here, International visitors are hosted from Friday to Sunday. They are all expected to check out of the hotels on Monday morning by 10 am. If your application to meet with the prophet is approved, you’ll need to arrive the ministry before 5 pm on Friday. This holds for those who are using their personal means of transportation. But for those landing on plane, they’ll need to be at the appointed airport by 5 pm in order to be picked up by the church service.

Note that without an IPVP number, you won’t be picked up from the airport by the church bus. That’s why you must always remember the IPVP number which is sent to you by email. Note that the prophet only meets people at the church venue. Many who have gone there have returned with lots of life changing testimonies. And we believe that your case won’t be an exception. You’ll come back with a renewed mind and a heart full of victory through Christ.

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Things to benefit from

The international visitor program plan will include Powerful worship, Food and Accommodation, Exclusive one-on-one session, Free Anointing Oil and Mantle, Fundamental teaching, and Airport transfer/transportation. Below are three packages among which you can choose:

  • A sum of $500 for sharing a room by adults aged from 14 years and above;
  • $550 per individual for room not sharing; and
  • A sum of $700 per individual in a VIP room not sharing.

Note that to make an extra night on Sunday, you’ll need to add a sum of $150 to the chosen package. For registration, visit Prophet Meet Banda International Visitor Page.


This brings us to the end of our writing on the main International Visitors program in South Africa.