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The Rayon Anointing – The Anointing that destroys the yoke of stagnation and delay.

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The Rayon Anointing

Rayon Anointing is mental conception, grasp, thoughts and visualization. When your thoughts change, the quality of your life changes too. The Rayon Anointing is said to be in action when the Spirit-led believer’s imagination, thinking, mental pictures materialise and become reality by faith.

Rayon Anointing
Rayon Anointing

This Rayon anointing makes you visualize things that you need to possess in your life. Your thinking helps your imagination that creates visions and form dreams.

You must see beyond in life from where you are. See yourself blessed, see yourself loaded, see yourself victorious and not the victim of life. Rayon anointing breaks all the limitations placed upon your life because thoughts are things and your vision is the boundary of your blessings.

Think it, See it , Dream it and Possess it.

Refuse to think negatively over your life but positively. The grace of God is released on good thoughts . Think big and dream big to get out of stagnation. All the people that achieved big things in life just thought differently. You must tap into the power of concentration and release the unused resources that God has placed in you. Let your mind concentrate on one thing at a time.

The Rayon Anointing Establishes You


Rayon will cause you to reign in life. Even Cain in scripture built a city, Jubal invented musical instruments, Jacob’s operation in the Rayon enabled him to outsmart his enemies and competitors including his boss Laban, etc. The Rayon Anointing makes you to be constructive in life, innovative and inventive. Its time for you to think quality thoughts of your life and see great things.

Abraham was told to come out of the tent to count the stars. His imaginative ability determined his accomplishment. God said as he sees so shall his children be like stars. Abraham was stuck in his Tent complaining of being childless. But God made him see a big picture of the stars. God made Jeremiah come out of ministry of stagnation by asking him, Jeremiah what seest thou?

I declare Rayon anointing over your life by the power of the Holy Spirit. You have the mind of Christ therefore think big and out of the box. See yourself blessed in life.

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