Revealing the whole story by Prophetess Mary Bushiri

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Revealing the whole story by Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Scripture Reference: Amos 3:7 (MSG)

“The fact is, God, the Master, does nothing without first telling his prophets the whole story.”


The word of God tells us that God will never do anything unless He reveals it first, to His servants, the prophets. However, the message translation takes it a step further by elaborating that God doesn’t just reveal the story, He does so in its entirety. Without any gaps- no intermissions or interludes.

You are extremely privileged to be living in the days where the word of God is not rare like in the days of Eli. Day after day, we have a prophetic voice in our midst that speaks life to every dead situation that surrounds us, joy to our broken spirits and brings comfort for our pain. We are able to discern the seasons and times of God because, our Prophet has known the entire story.

Action Point:

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You need to always be alert and attentive to the instructions that come from the Prophet God has placed over your life. When he declares it a time to receive then accordingly open up your heart to receive. When he says it’s a season of prayer then avail yourself to pray. The origin and conclusion of your life has been revealed to him- he knows the formula you need to ensure that your life is lived according to Gods will and purpose.

Pray that you do not miss the opportunity to learn from a man who hears directly from God. A man who knows, the whole story!

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Revealing the whole story by Prophetess Mary Bushiri


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